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Studying for 1,033 days meant almost three years of spanish learning. Rosetta stone, duolingo, and babbel have all funded their own studies claiming that their app can help you cover the requirements of one college semester of spanish.

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While at university, i studied abroad in spain and costa rica and got a b.a.


How long to learn spanish after french. Very often factors outside the classroom are more influential. According to fsi, if you spend 3 hours per day learning spanish, you’ll achieve fluency in around six months. I began studying spanish at age 11 and have been interested in language and culture ever since!

Bob wed oct 22, 2008 1:13 am gmt total, active immersion (8 hours per day). And was given 480 classroom hours before it can be considered learned. However, if you plan to achieve an advanced level by studying and practicing french for multiple hours a day, over the course of three months, that might actually be doable.

I didn’t know a word of spanish. For spanish, french, arabic, and italian, i used ‘language in 3 months’ books by pons, however, i realized that they aren’t available in english (just german and polish). The easiest category includes spanish, french, italian, swedish, and portuguese, while the most difficult or superhard languages (yes, they really call them superhard languages) include chinese.

How i went about learning french and spanish. Reduce your spanish time to one hour a day and, according to fsi, it will take about 1.5 years to learn. Category i languages like spanish, french and danish are easiest for an english speaker to learn, and they will require about 600 to 750 hours of study to master.

For group i languages like spanish and french students study for 26 weeks, and for group iv languages such as arabic or chinese, students study for 65 weeks. In environmental economics with a minor in spanish. Courtesy of fummy/reddit as you can see, spanish is one of the most accessible languages for english speakers.

But people don’t just learn languages in the classroom. If you're a native speaker, in my experience, you'll pick up vocab faster but your usage and grammar will take longer. I learned french after spanish (both as an adult), having achieved around the same level of fluency as yourself.

Approximately 3 months to have an intermediate level of spanish. There are five factors that can influence how long it takes to learn a language, regardless of whether you study in a classroom or not. At 30 hours a week of classroom time, this equates to between 780 and 1,950 hours to learn a language.

I’m going to combine how i went about learning french and spanish because they both came at me at the same time in my life and were really quite instrumental to me getting involved with language learning. Depending on how many classroom hours you have a week, that can take you quite a while. Even the most popular software and apps use this as a benchmark.

Therefore, i’d recommend the living language book series and various other best books to learn spanish i mention in this post. State department has broken down the most popular world languages into different categories of difficulty for english speakers to learn. How long will it take to learn spanish after learning french, italian, and esperanto?

I was in montreal in the 1950s at a time when the city was what they called the two solitudes. To learn more about fluency levels and determine your goals, consider how the alliance française of washington, d.c. Category iv languages like mandarin and japanese are the most difficult, requiring 2,200 hours for.

Now, we very well know that a great amount of the time that we dedicate to study a language is. For spanish the number was 480 hours, based on classroom instruction. Well it depends if you’re a native speaker of french or if it’s a second language and it depends on the conditions in which you learn spanish.

Approximately 3 years to achieve an intermediate level of spanish. Spanish, is not the most difficult language in the world, but even for an easy language, it’s still quite a feat. It is made easier in some ways due to the similarities between the two languages, and you will pick up certain grammatical points (such as objective pronouns) intuitively.

You’re learning italian after french or dutch after german)). So when the fsi says it takes 1,200 hours to learn spanish, they’re really talking about passing a spanish exam. Spanish was placed in group 1, among french, portuguese, italian, and others;

After spending over a decade in corporate america, i now enjoy the simpler things in life. Total, active immersion (8 hours per day). This calculation neglects so many factors, however, and still is an overestimate of how long it.

Many things come into play when considering how long it’ll. How long to learn spanish after french.

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