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You can either go for a trap that has one or two doors. Using any of these items regularly will ward off armadillos.

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If you find an armadillo in your yard, take action immediately by attempting to trap and relocate it.


How to get rid of armadillos in my yard. Castor oil is great because it works in two different ways to effectively rid the area of armadillos. How do you keep armadillos out of your yard? Try dropping moth balls, chili powder or a rag soaked in vinegar down into the burrow or spray the area with a weak solution of ammonia mixed with water.

An outdoor solar powered ultrasonic armadillo repeller is a significantly cheaper solution. There are also natural ways of keeping armadillos out: They do not like smells that sting the eyes:

As soon as the animal sniffs the pepper up to its nose, it will find its way out of your yard with immediate effect without hesitation. Get rid of rodents under shade. Be sure to peep inside your trap carefully if the doors are down upon your arrival.

Armadillos hate the smell of ammonia, vinegar and mothballs [source: Armadillos are not territorial animals, so they won’t mind too much if they must relocate. Granules will quickly repel armadillos from your property.

Deterrents if you already have an armadillo problem, you may want to try a deterrent to encourage the armadillo to leave on its own. Spoils the food sources (insects, grubs, etc.) underground, making them unpleasant to eat. Armadillos are averse to the strong smell of this spice, so if you sprinkle it on the areas of your yard that seem to be prone to armadillo digging, they will get turned off pretty fast.

Try using these smells to keep them out of your yard. This step involves cleaning up your lawn. Now, this may seem unconventional, but it works as a natural odor deterrent.

Cayenne pepper makes them itchy and uncomfortable as it irritates mucous membranes, just like in people. Armadillos have a great sense of smell and a large part of their brain is dedicated to it, so the answer to how to get rid of armadillos is fairly simple. You may have to try a combination of things over time.

A variety of critters might use the same trail, so listen closely and carefully peer into the small hole on top to see if there might be a black critter with a white streak down its back. There is no one “quick fix” for getting rid of armadillos and keeping them away. You can get the cayenne pepper at local stores or supermarkets.

Your lawn will no doubt get destroyed in the process, and you must fix any damages caused. The ones with a single door are simple but may trigger armadillos’ suspicions since they might notice there isn’t a way out. The second quick way to get rid of armadillos from your yard is to use cayenne pepper.

If they smell it, they will likely vacate the immediate area and look for other sources of food. Vinegar, ammonia, pine cleaner, etc. This seemingly unintelligent creature is too smart to get in your trap.

The best deterrent is to make your yard smell. Sprinkling cayenne pepper around your yard can help keep off the animal. Ways you get rid of armadillos include restricting their food supply, removing their hiding places, fencing, and live trapping and baiting.

Double door traps get rid of this problem and might improve your chances of catching the animal. Therefore, to keep armadillos from entering your yard, you simply need to make your yard smell unattractive to them. The whole exercise of getting rid of armadillos will come at a small cost;

Armadillos have sensitive noses, and they may leave an area if they think it stinks. How can you get rid of armadillos in your yard? Sprinkling cayenne pepper around your home is one of the most effective methods to keep armadillos out of your yard.

Don’t let an armadillo’s small size, big ears, and cute snout fool you. You simply place it in the ground and your yard, garden, and home will be. You can use scent repellents and fencing, as discussed above, to try and keep them out in the first place.

The first is that they do not like the smell of castor oil.

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