How To Start An Essay Like A Pro

So you’re all ready to start an essay, but you don’t know how to start an essay? Well, I think there’s at least 3 main parts to an essay and I’ll go over each one of them here. Start in the beginning. There’s really no rule which states that you must first write your introduction. In reality, most people have just had tons of times wrote introductory paragraph before too.

So if you believe that the most difficult part of any essay is its introduction, then begin somewhere else rather than an introductory paragraph. Once you’ve got your introduction written, start a whole essay in the same way. Divide your piece into paragraphs, tell a short story about the main idea, and then write down the conclusion. That’s basically how to start an essay. Each paragraph should be built upon the last and should never skip.

Now that you know how to start an essay, your next step is to create a hook. A hook is a single statement that hooks your readers and makes them want to read more. I’ll talk about a few of my favorites in a minute.

The first one sentence of your introduction should always tell your readers something about you, your opinion, or what you are writing about. This will immediately catch your attention and draw them in. Then as you go on, repeat this introduction sentence one time in your paragraph (after the introductory paragraph). It doesn’t matter if it’s a long introduction sentence; you should repeat it throughout your whole essay. Make sure it’s still worth reading, however; you might have hit a snag and lose interest.

You can also make your introduction much easier by making the main point of the essay. The main point should be the meat of your essay. This will let you hook your reader more easily. Start with an introduction to your main point and then elaborate on it. You can even take the same main point and use it to begin the body of your essay. This can give your essays a greater depth and really get your point across.

The last piece of advice we have for you when learning how to start an essay is to make sure your thesis statement in your main body of the paper is powerful and solid. You don’t want to end up having to rewrite half of your college essay just because you didn’t understand how to start an essay properly. Always try to keep your thesis statement concise and then build on it.