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The last recall occurred in 2011, when the f.d.a. The product, iams proactive health smart puppy dry dog food, has a use by or expiration.

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Iams Adult High Protein Large Breed Dry Dog Food With Real Chicken 385 Lb Bag – Walmartcom

At maturity) 1 to 12 months;


Iams smart puppy large breed recall. At maturity, should transition to iams large breed adult recipe at 18 months of age. There is a food for mature dogs, for puppies, for large breeds, and for those with sensitive stomachs, among others. Today, iams proactive health is a widely available product that’s affordable and versatile for nearly every dog owner.

Food and drug administration said. Giant breed puppies (over 90 lbs at maturity) 1 to 24 months. In 2007, iams was part of the menu foods nationwide food recall.

The quality of their food products varies from one product line to another and so does the price. Enriched iams puppy food ideal for large breed dogs age 1 to 12 months. We'll begin this review of iams proactive health smart puppy large breed with a detailed discussion of the ingredients.

The first ingredient is chicken. Mold is a less common cause of recalls in the industry but is still very concerning. The most recent iams dog food recalls were made in 2013 when their dry dog food variety was taken out of the shelves for possible salmonella contamination.

In march 2013, iams underwent a small recall due to the potential of mold. The folks at petco recommended science diet as a substitute because the formulas are similar. Iams weight control dog food recall.

Iams weight control with beef in gravy in the brand’s chunks dog food category was recalled in march 2007 for melamine contamination. Iams dog food coupons 2022. In december 2011 there was recall (for only one food, iams proactive health smart puppy) due to possible aflatoxin contamination.

The most recent recall was in august 2013 because of potential salmonella contamination. Yes, iams pet food has been recalled quite a few times over the years. In march 2013, they issued a voluntary recall for shakeables dog treats due to potential mold growth issues.

I do know that they've closed 2 plants which is a little scary. Remember to have clean, fresh water available for your dog at all times. According to an fda recall news bulletin issued december 6, 2011, the procter and gamble company has voluntarily retrieved a single production lot of dry dog food due to aflatoxin levels that were detected above the acceptable limit.

As a pioneer in the dog food market, iams proactive health has helped set the standard for modern dog food recipes. In 2010, some iams cat food was recalled because of low levels of thiamine, as well as salmonella exposure. Reviews of the top 3 iams puppy food recipes 1.

Those looking for an adult kibble from the same company may wish to visit our review of iams proactive health adult dry dog food. Giant breed puppies, over 90 lbs. Is iams dog food recalled?

Iams, who sought to develop an innovative dog food. I'm not going to risk it. There is good variety within the line.

Iams proactive health smart puppy large breed dog food. Although chicken is an excellent. Issued a recall of proactive health smart puppy dry food due to aflatoxin contamination.

In august 2010 , the fda issued a recall for iams indoor care weight control with hairball care dry cat food due to. In august 2013, the fda issued a recall of various dry food products due to potentiall salmonella contamination. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs.

Iams proactive health smart puppy large breed is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the aafco dog food nutrient profiles for growing puppies. The recall was due to suspected salmonella contamination. Iams proactive health was founded in dayton, ohio, in 1946 by paul f.

Fortified with a variety of essential minerals for healthy cognitive development. Then, in august 2013, there were six dry dog foods involved in a recall. Recall history of iams puppy food.

Iams proactive health smart puppy, distributed to 16 eastern and southern states, has been recalled after testing positive for high levels of a toxin produced by fungus growing on the food that can cause liver problems, the u.s. At maturity, should transition to iams large breed adult recipe at 24 months of age. Iams puppy large breed dry dog food with real chicken was created to meet their specific wellness and nutritional needs as they grow up to be healthy adults.

In december 2011, the fda issued a recall for iams proactive health smart puppy dry food due to potential aflatoxin contamination. Includes omega fatty acids, calcium, prebiotics and fiber blend to promote strong bones and muscles. If you’re looking for a nutritional puppy food that has the potential to give your puppy a great start, strong bones and great coat of fur, this formula is a great place to start.

Large breed puppies (51 to 90 lbs. A few months earlier, in march 2013, the company issued a market withdrawal (technically not a recall) of some products because of possible mold growth. I saw a press release that iams and eukanuba are being recalled for samonella contamination.

Fortunately, iams has not had a recall on its puppy food in several years. In 2011, iams voluntarily recalled a small production of dry dog food because aflatoxin levels were shown to be above the acceptable limit. There have been no iams proactive health dog food recall issues recently.

We can substantiate most of the claims made by iams in these statements. Iams has had two dog food recalls in the last ten years. Iams proactive health small breed puppy, 5 lb., lot #331904177, best by nov.

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Iams Pet Exclusive Deals And Offers

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Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed Dog Food Pet Supplies Plus

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Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy Food Puppy 1-12 Months – Walmartcom

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Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed Dog Food Pet Supplies Plus

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Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy Original – Walmartcom

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