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Edited july 14, 2011 by indigirl. If the deposit is non refundable you should be getting that in writing before you place the deposit and a list of things which would see you get a refund regardless.

Non-refundable Deposit Receipt Dog Breeding Business Whelping Puppies Dog Breeding Kennels

We paid a small deposit for both our pups, and then the remainder of the cost when we collected each of them.


Is it normal to pay a deposit for a puppy. If the breeder decides not to return your deposit and you’re still without a puppy, it may mean a trip to small claims court to try to recover your money. So what does a pet deposit cover? (that you paid full price for) they basically want someone to pay all the bills for their dog.

We've heard of scammers who will try and get you to transfer money before you’ve even met the pet or gone to pick it up, but the pet doesn't exist. The dog contract is basically a sleezy and immoral way to keep control and part ownership on a dog that they are selling at full price. Never use services such as paypal or western union money transfer to make a payment for a pet.

This is a big problem. Expect the breeder to ask you lots of questions about your family, homelife etc. There’s no wrong way to determine what to charge for a pet deposit.

However, in denver, since you’re allowed to charge pet deposits and fees, you aren’t permitted to use the security deposit to pay for pet damages. A good breeder will offer a guarantee in case your puppy or dog shows signs of health problems within the first several days of ownership. It still comes down to the agreement.

Deposit amounts will vary depending on how many and what kinds of pets you have, the size, the breed, where you live and even the landlord's past. Can i charge a pet deposit? (see boarding option below for pickups up to 9 weeks of age.) please, please, please, don't put a deposit on a puppy if you.

The more details you have in writing, the more likely you will be to come to a successful conclusion. However, while general security deposits are legal in every state, separate pet deposits are only legal in some. This means if he never delivers the cat, or if there's something wrong with it once it arrives (it's no the cat you saw, it's ill, etc.), you wouldn't be eligible to dispute against the charge.

If you’re buying a purebred dog, do some research so you know what you should expect to pay (and what is too good of a deal). The breeder has said that if we are interested in a puppy we must pay a £100 deposit once the litter is born to secure a puppy and if we change our mind or dont like any of the puppies when we go to see them we dont get our money back. In general, there is no typical pet deposit.

Your landlord can also seek compensation if your animal causes any damage to the unit you rent. Eta i dont like deposits personally. If you decide not to charge a pet deposit or pet fee, you can use the security deposit to pay for damages caused by a pet.

Like regular security deposits, pet deposits can’t be used to cover wear and tear costs. More about my puppy nannies below. An established breeder will allow you to pay a refundable pet deposit well before the puppies are born.

If you're making a purchase for a good or service (including animals), you always want to use that option to pay. Others might ask for different amounts for dogs vs. You can use a pet deposit to pay for property damage and losses caused by pets — and pets only.

If a support animal becomes a nuisance, landlords do have a right to seek legal proceedings to remove the animal. Take your new dog to the vet within 24 hours of picking it up or having it shipped. One of the most popular scams when buying a pet is that an advertiser will ask you to pay a deposit online before seeing the puppy or other pet.

They may require a pet deposit in order to rent. Sometimes people pay a deposit on a puppy, and they don't know how they will come up with the rest of the money by the pickup date. Some common warning signs of online scams include asking for immediate payment, offering a high discount for a new puppy, asking for more money after the initial deposit, or if the photo they use.

If you pay as friends and family, you have no buyer protection. If you refund the deposit you are in no way obligated to sell her a pup. They want you to buy the food and pay the vet bills and provide the space and love for their dog that they loaned you.

You will lose your deposit if you can't get the puppy by the pickup date which is normally 8 weeks of age. Eg no puppies, the breeder not being able to provide the pup in a. Still other landlords set up a refundable pet deposit that is separate from the security deposit.

You should never send money online (even just small deposit) to anyone you do not know. The balance of the cost of your puppy can be paid when you come to get him/her. I prefer to have the purchase price paid in full just before the pup is ready to go.

This is just an approximation, of course — the actual amount will vary by breeder. In a buyer’s puppy search, a deposit typically means that buyers will pay breeders a $200 to $500 deposit to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter. If you are planning on flying your new puppy with my nanny, the balance will be due when your pup is 6 weeks old.

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