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Puppies bite and it hurts. Collar, harness, leash and i.d.

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New Puppy Checklist – Petite Modern Life New Puppy Checklist New Puppy Puppy Supplies

Be sure the microchip company always has your updated contact.


What do you need to get for a new puppy. New puppies need to pee more often than you think. The more hyper they are, the harder they bite. A crate for your pup;

Use this new puppy supplies list to check what you have and what you need to get: Food and water bowls are a must. Before bringing them home, you'll need to prepare for your new puppy's arrival by:

Creating space and buying toys: Dog carrier (for puppies and small dogs) dog clippers / strippers (depending on coat type) it is important to take your new dog to the vet asap. These basics are all you'll need:

Purchase a brush that is appropriate for your new puppy's specific type of fur. Choose a leash, collar or harness, and name tag for your new puppy. Don’t forget that your new furry friend will grow quickly, so stairs or furniture that might be out of reach on the first day might soon.

You'll want to get your puppy used to being brushed, especially if it has long hair, as soon as possible. The crate should be at least big enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in. Dog crate (if you are crate training) treats.

A microchip is a tiny electronic device that’s implanted under the dog’s skin and has a unique identification number. If your puppy pulls, ask a dog trainer or a store partner about alternative options that can help discourage the behavior. That includes an id tag on his collar with his name and your contact information, and a microchip.

You will need a supply of poo bags, sandwich bags or nappy sacks to take with you whenever you are out with your puppy. More than once an hour at times during the day, and at least once during the night for the first week or two. Need supplies for your new puppy?

If you decide to make a purchase from one of the links marked by an asterisk, we may earn a small commission on that sale. Healthy and complete puppy food is important, and your. Started socialising them by introducing them to new situations and people.

You’ll need a secure and sturdy leash and collar before you get going. Filled with up to $230 worth of products, our discounted price ($49.95) makes for incredible value! It contains parasite prevention, toys, treats, training aids, food vouchers, and more!

Your new puppy will need a soft, adjustable collar. Buy some tough chew toys to keep their little teeth occupied. Hard rubber toys, rope toys, and flavored synthetic bones are particularly good for unsupervised play.

You will need a crate and/or bed for your new puppy to stay in. As excited as you are about your new pet, you don't need to splurge and buy every trendy accessory on the market. You'll need to provide space for your puppy to.

(ask the breeder, rescue organization, foster parent or whoever you’re getting your dog from.) Your new dog needs proper identification so he can be found quickly if he somehow gets lost. This is at no extra cost to you.

Greencross vets highly recommend that you feed your puppy quality food that is scientifically formulated to provide growing puppies with all the vitamins and minerals they need for strong development. Dog brush and or comb (not needed for hairless dogs) dog shampoo. Dog pheromones can be diffused prior to the arrival of your new puppy.

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