What’s a Narrative Essay? We Have an Answer

A narrative essay is a student’s second assignment in their second year of college. It is usually required by the college board in order for the student to receive a passing score on their first written composition. A narrative essay is very different from a narrative novel. A narrative essay will not have a character’s voice but instead will tell the reader something about the writer, the setting or the experiences that take place within the text. You will want to know what you are writing is a true story and not just a story within a story.

Your first “What’s a Narrative Essay?” draft should be researched and written from the perspective of the writer. All facts should be checked and verified. Take time to write an outline of your story, this can be done with your class work or on your own. A rough draft can be a very helpful tool when writing your first piece. Going through this process with your professor will help you organize your thoughts and ultimately make it a better story.

When completing your narrative essay, you will want to create a storyboard. A storyboard will consist of several items such as a notebook, a laptop computer, story board software and voice recorder. Create a storyboard so that you will have a visual marker of your story as you work.

Most story telling software will allow you to draw and color in your storyboard. You can draw people, places and events within your storyboard. You will need to start with a rough draft so that you have a clear direction of your story. This first draft will serve as a guide and outline for your writing.

When working on your storyboard use colors to mark in your storyboard. Using primary colors will give you a clearer view of where everything should go. Alternate colors are great to mark the different scenes in your story. Using the wrong colors will cause you to lose focus of what your story is about. Make sure that you understand that each scene within your storyboard is separate from each other. Each scene should have its own time line and its own introduction.

Writing a narrative essay requires focus, patience and determination. You will want to complete several drafts of your storyboard. The more drafts you complete the more familiar your story will become. You will begin to realize what your “What’s a Narrative Essay?” story is about and how you are telling it to the audience. Your storyboard will be the framework on which you will create your final story.